Thursday, 26 July 2012

Mapping Custom Fields for Subscriber List

If you have created custom fields in some of your subscriber lists in Campaign Monitor and if you wish to use the information in Salesforce contacts and/or leads to populate those custom fields in Campaign Monitor when you subscribe contacts/leads using the Connector, you will need to install the latest version of the Connector and read this post.

Here we will be using a scenario where we set up a subscriber list called Newsletter List in Campaign Monitor and added custom fields Job Title and Membership Level as below:

You will also need to have corresponding fields in your Salesforce Contact and/or Lead objects. We will use the Salesforce standard field Title for the Job Title field, and a Contact custom field Membership Level (as defined in the below screenshot) for the Membership Level field of Newsletter List in Campaign Monitor.

Now that you have these two fields in both Campaign Monitor and Salesforce, you have to map these fields so the Connector knows which information to read from Salesforce and where to put them in Campaign Monitor when you subscribe contacts (or leads) to the Newsletter List. To do that, navigate to the corresponding subscriber list record in Salesforce by selecting Email Campaign Utility sidebar component > Other Utilities > Manage Subscriber Lists. You will see the list of the subscriber lists, and select the one you wish to work on the mapping. In this example, we will chose Newsletter List as below:

From the Newsletters List detail page, I click the Get Custom Fields button. The connector will populate the Custom Field Mappings related list, using the information read from Campaign Monitor Newsletters List's custom field definitions, as below:

If you do not see the Custom Field Mappings related list displayed in your page layout even after the installation, you will need to add it to your Subscriber List page layout manually. To do that:
    •    Navigate to Setup > App Setup > Create > Objects > Subscriber List > Page Layouts
    •    Click the Edit link next to the entry "Subscriber List Layout"
    •    Add the Custom Field Mappings related list to the page layout, and arrange the fields as below:

  • Click Save

Now we have to enter which Salesforce Contact fields should be mapped to these fields. First click the Edit link for Job Title, and type Title in the Contact Field API Name. Next, click Edit for Membership Level, then type Membership_Level__c, as this is the system API name for the custom field I created earlier. The mappings should now look like this:

The mappings are ready now. Let's subscribe a contact to Newsletters List using the Add to Subscriber List button. I'm subscribing a contact called Jon Amos, a Sales Manager with Platinum membership level, to my Newsletters List.

Once I successfully add this contact to Newsletters List using the Connector, I see in Campaign Monitor that Jon Amos has all the necessary information, including Job Title and Membership Level as below: